On June 5th 2023, Naleraq will host the conference “Nunarput – Land Back” in Katuaq, Nuuk. The conference will center on colonialism, decolonization, Inuit self-determination, Inuit mental health, Inuit businesses and Greenland’s independence. The purpose of the conference is to give citizens, researchers, professionals and politicians the opportunity to meet, discuss and share knowledge and experiences on the topics. 

The topics mentioned above are neglected by successive governments in Greenland, especially from the largest parties as well as various institutions. To counter the neglect, Naleraq has chosen to organize this conference to create a space for dialogue and knowledge-sharing for all interested parties.

The conference will be held in Greenlandic and English and will be open and free for all to attend.

Conference host: Qupanuk Olsen

Panel moderator: Juno Berthelsen

The conference will be livestreamed on Facebook and Youtube (press link)


Land Back Conference – Sponsored by: Naleraq
  June 5th 2023    
Time Subject Participants Title
12:00 Welcome, opening remarks TBA TBA
12:30 Keynote Julie Edel Hardenberg Born into colonial power structures – decolonizing my mind
13:00 Keynote Lars Jensen Now that we agree that Danish rule in Greenland was colonial, when did colonialism end?
13:45 Break
14:00 Panel Discussion Miriam Cullen, Svend Hardenberg, Pele Broberg, Gudmundur Alfredsson Greenlandic Independence – International legal framework and Inuit identity
15:00 Keynote Julia Suarez-Krabbe The other side of globalization: Racism and decolonization beyond Eurocentrism
16:00 Break
16:15 Keynote Najannguaq D. Christensen, Tina Naamansen and Josefine Lee Stage  Colonial reminiscences in Danish out-of-homecare practice and how it it shows
17:15 Panel Discussion Naja Graugaard, Arnârak Patricia Bloch, Najannguaq D. Christensen, Tina Naamasen, Tida Ravn Colonial atrocities (Spiralsagen (IUD scandal), juridisk faderløse (legally fatherless), eksperimentbørn (the Experiment-children))
17:45 Keynote Jess G. Berthelsen SIK Chairman – speech with following Q.A.
18:15 Break
19:30 Keynote Arnârak Patricia Bloch Our Mental Health
20:00 Concluding conversation Pele Broberg and Arnârak Patricia Bloch Nunarput – a Nation state
20:50 Closing Organizers TBA

Participants Bio

Arnârak Patrica Bloch

Expert in prevention and Master of Science in Public Health with specialization in Greenland

Najannguaq D. Christensen

Founder Sila 360

Tina Naamansen

Founder Sila 360

Julia Suarez-Krabbe

Associate Professor, Department of Communication and Arts

Julie Edel Hardenberg

Associate Professor II Bergen Academy of Art and Design. PhD-nngorniaq University of Copenhagen & Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

Lars Jensen

Researcher, Department of Communication and Arts

Qupanuk Olsen

Owner Q's effect,
mining engineer

Jess G. Berthelsen

Chairman, SIK

Miriam Cullen

Centre for European and Comparative Legal Studies

Tida Ravn


Svend Hardenberg

Founder and CEO
Qappik ApS

Pele Broberg

Chairman Naleraq

Gudmundur Alfredsson

Expert in human rights

Naja Graugaard

Researcher / speaker / writer / artist

Juno Berthelsen

Executive board member Naleraq

Josefine Lee Stage

Founder Sila 360
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